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ABOUT YOUR TRAINER: Doris Webb with over 20 years of experience goes by her stage name EbonyFitnessGuru with her fit family. Doris started teaching aerobics in 1994 at a variety of community centers in the city of Memphis. She quickly realized that exercising was a passion of hers and decided she wanted to make a career of it. Doris continued to educate herself more in the field by obtaining a degree in physical education as well as retaining her personal training license and a multitude of other certifications within the fitness arena. She opened up her very first fitness studio in 2004. The rest is history. She has worked with and trained well over 10,000 women throughout her career and continues to instruct, train, educate, empower and motivate her clients.

NO MORE EXCUSES was designed for the busy bodies. This app is for the women or men who desire to stay in shape, look good, feel good and be good, but don’t have a lot of time to run back and fourth to a gym or to meet up with an actual physical trainer. These NO MORE EXCUSES classes are strategically assimilated to keep you fit, strong, healthy, aware, food conscious and mentally focused on what’s really important which is your health. We all know that health is the new modern millennium wealth. So with that being said let’s keep our NO MORE EXCUSES app locked in on our phone or tablet and try not to leave home without it.


Certified Personal Trainer, Exclusive Master Fitness Specialist, CYT; Certified Yoga Teacher, (CNSs) Certified Nutritionist Specialist’s and a (RRCA) Road Runner Certified Coach of America with well over 20 years in the Health & Fitness Field. Certified Juice Therapist, Licensed Manufacture Owner and Founder of GreenGirlCleanse LLC.


Challenge Yourself:

When we know better We Do Better. Health is the New Wealth and Fit is the New Rich. So with that being said, let’s SECURE THE BAG 

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