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About Us

Green Girl Cleanse was created simply to promote and help people to consume more veggies and fruits throughout the day. We’ve blended our Super foods with 2 servings of veggies and 4 servings of assorted fruits, together infused with organic herbs and spices to assure you one of the best tasting fruit and vegetable blends you’ve ever had. Not only is this a blend of fruits and veggies but it also serves as a Meal Replacement. Our main focus is to help you become internally healthy while consuming foods to help you cleanse the arteries, liver and the kidneys out. With 12 different cleanse flavors we’re positive that you will be able to find one that not only suits your taste bud but one that will help you with any ailment that you may be dealing with. It’s a quick grab and go nutritious and body healing meal in a bottle. Doris Webb DBA EbonyFitnessGuru; Founder of Green Girl Cleanse™, Owner of Balancing Beautiful Bodies Women’s Fitness Studio and The Zen Bar & Wellness Spa located In Southaven, MS. Ebony Fitness Guru is a Certified Personal Trainer, Exclusive Master Fitness Specialist, CYT; Certified Yoga Teacher, (CNSs) Certified Nutritionist Specialist’s and a (RRCA) Road Runner Certified Coach of America with well over 20 years in the Health & Fitness Field. The Guru is a Native of Memphis, TN., That’s been involved with fitness from the age 16.

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