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Angela Faulkner 

Kroger HR / Payroll 

I been taking Green Girl cleanse since 2019 and I haven’t look back .  Looking for a health change , I found it in this bottle of greatness . It’s healthy and gives me all my nutrients I need while working some days 13 and 15 hours . When you taste it, you will fall in love and want to purchase more .

Karla Webb


I ABSOLUTELY love Green Girl Cleanse. As a working mom on the go, it's the perfect meal replacement for my busy schedule. I love being able to get all of my daily vegetables and vitamins, in so many delicious varieties, to help me stay fit and healthy. I have recommended Green Girl Cleanse to all of my family and friends. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Teidra Shoffner

Registered Nurse

Green Girl Cleanse     juices are a "must have" essential item in my home. Due to the demands of my profession and being the primary  caregiver for my mother, I found myself having low energy levels and  lacking  adequate nutrition due to my lifestyle . Green Girl  Cleanse keeps me strong and provides me with the essential nutrients daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love that all the ingredients are natural and promotes wellness all around. My hats off to the Green Girl Cleanse team for such an AWESOME product. 

Telisa - Sr. Quality

Assurance  Import Coordinator 

I am forty-seven years old women treating my health as a business. The Green Girl Cleanse movement is the best solution to rebooting your system with the freshest fruit and veggies. Green Girl Cleanse has been the little change that makes a great difference in my life. The clarity and energy I received from the unique blends have provided the nutrients and boost needed in my daily routine to a healthy lifestyle

Emma M.

(Mental Health Consultant)

Before incorporating the Green Girl Cleanse juice, I was unable to tolerate dark leafy green veggies because of stomach issues. In less than 2 weeks of 2 juices per day and 1 balanced meal, I’ve been able to resume eating green veggies, my midsection has shrunk and my clothes are fitting better! Most importantly, I have more energy and feeling healthier.

Eletha Cody 

Accounting Manager 

Memphis, TN 

I am so grateful for the Green Girl Cleanse Drinks. This line of beverages has helped my family tremendously; since we have started drinking them we have noticed changes in our blood pressure and cholesterol.  I especially like them because I was able to drink them while pregnant and while breastfeeding. 

You can’t go wrong with Red Island Beets, Spinach Splash, Pink Papaya, Mangorita, VigorPlus, Carrot Cocktail or Pineappple Bellini! 🥰 Green Girl Cleanse is a staple in my home. 

Lynn B.

GGC has helped me to consume the fruits and vegetables that are so important for good health. Especially since I am a 75 years young.

I must say I really detested beets and I was not too particular about spinach. But all of the GGC juices have such a great taste because of the wonderful formula of a variety of  super ingredients that two of my favorites are now Red Island Beets and Spinach Splash.

GGC is a truly a healthy, cleansing, nutritious and healing  meal in a bottle. 

Reginald M. Mitchell Sr.

Retired (Army) Disabled Veteran 


Sharon Y. Mitchell 

Administrative Office Technology/Student/Housewife

would like to take a moment to express our love for a product that my wife and I have been using for almost 2 years.


We love the whole product line is health conscious....The Beverage has allowed us to cut back on our calories and food content...Yes the Green Girl Cleanse is a meal in itself...There are a wide range to select from...That's what make it idea...We get our fruits and vegetables from just 1 serving...Allowing us to use it as a meal replacement


The health benefits of these products are AWESOME!!! Green Girl Cleanse along with healthy eating and exercise make it easier to manage weight and also It has also been beneficial...Showing GREAT results from Doctor visits...


We Are True Believers That Using Superior Products (Products That Promote Wellness And Health) Is The Key To A Better Quality Of Life... 


May The Creator Bless And Show Favor...


Ross Milam

Senior Entertainment Coordinator-Busch Gardens Seaworld. 

The product Green Girl Cleanser is for Everyone! It’s always great to have a drink that’s delicious,refreshing and healthy. I enjoy the various flavors to choose from with the size being perfect. I can have 1 before my workout, for lunch and dinner. I highly recommend this product Green Girl Cleanser. 

Margaret Jackson -

IT Service Delivery Manager- 

I was introduced to Green Girl Cleanse a year ago!   I soon found myself looking for posts about when/where  restocking was taking place!  Now I am a recurring customer placing weekly orders!  Of course I have my favorites but I have tried them all!  A great way for me get  daily nutritional servings of fruits /veggies! !

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