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  • Is Greengirlcleanse a healthy juice?
    Our Fresh, homemade juice is full of nutrients and enzymes that packaged juices just don’t contain. Very healthy!
  • How much sugar is the the Greengirlcleanse?
    The sugar varies with each bottle and is only natural sugars from the fruit. No added man made sugar.
  • Can pregnant women drink Greengirlcleanse?
    Absolutely! It’s all natural ingredients and healthy for her and her growing baby.
  • Do you remove all the pith from your fruit that you use for Greengirlcleanse?
    No not at all. When you juice a fruit and remove all of the pith, you’re also removing the fiber and starches, which act as a buffer to your blood sugar levels from sugar.
  • Is juicing healthy?
    Cleansers are a great way to kickstart your body into a new habit, and also help your body to cleanse quicker than normal. I think they can be a great option. However, they are not desirable for everyone. I personally do short periodic cleanses 3 times a year, and also, incorporate 1-2 juices per day into my daily diet.
  • Is Greengirlcleanse diabetic friendly?
    All of our juices can be consumed by diabetics. However we do not recommend you drinking them everyday if you’re a diabetic. We do have two that was designed for diabetics and Keto dieters though. And they are our Purple Fusion & Carrot Cocktail, these two can be consumed daily if need be.
  • Can I freeze my Green girl cleansers?
    Frozen juice does lose nutrients, but there are still nutrients in the juice, but you lose a lot due to the condensation once it thaws out. But it’s still healthy but with less nutrients.
  • Can you drink 3 bottles a day?
    The amount that you're drinking (3 bottles a day) is perfectly fine. Juices do have calories though, so just take note of that. Make sure if you’re doing that many you’re using them as a meal replacement rather than adding them to your meals. Because you will be adding extra calories to your daily intake which in most cases can cause weight gain. Just don’t forget that they have calories too. LOL... Make sure that you are using them as meal replacements. When you are juice fasting you can have way more then on a regular diet because you aren't getting calories from food.
  • Can our children drink Greengirlcleanse?
    This is the best thing a mom can wish for when grabbing a juice on the go. Another bonus? We always want to give our children less sugar as possible – although these have sugar grams they are natural sugars from the fruit (beets are high in sugar FYI but very healthy for our bodies) and there are no added sugars. We also have our KIDDOS brand of Greengirlcleanse for the kids that will be in stores in 2020 and is loaded with vitamin C, super fruits and fiber.
  • Is Greengirlcleanse perishable?
    Yes! Our juice must be kept refrigerated below 41°F at all times.
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